2022 Website Design Trends That You Need To Be Aware Of

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People are always cautiously excited about the new website design trends. We have lived through two challenging years that tested our resilience and patience, relationships, mental and financial health, and a lot more.

The world has changed, and these changes have pushed businesses to change how they market and sell their products and services. We see these changes everywhere, including in website design. Let us look at each of these web design trends in detail.

Healthy & Welcoming Designs

We expect an exciting year, but people are still adapting to the new normal. People are more careful. They sanitize more frequently. They pay more attention to cleanliness and safety. And when people look for products and services, they naturally ask whether they are safe to buy, consume, and use.

The website design must adapt to reassure people that products and services are safe and healthy. How can you reassure your customers and prospects that your products and services are safe?

Make use of images, shapes, and colors that evoke a sense of comfort, reduce anxiety and stress, and promote healthy habits. Images and designs that include home decorations, outdoor scenery, or greenery in spacious office spaces can reduce anxiety and stress and promote comfort.

Organic shapes (such as the ones we see in nature), natural colors (earth tones and greens), and crisp design elements that flow together well and harmoniously all contribute to reinforcing the feeling of comfort and safety. Space in designs (such as large working spaces) mimics a healthy and safe habit of social distancing, which eases health anxiety.

The goal of website design in 2022 is to create an encouraging feeling so that people can be more comfortable, less irritated, and less stressed in a new environment.

Micro Animation & Micro Interaction

People have short attention spans. We are obsessed with short-form videos, quick how-to guides, and social networks such as Twitter, expressing entire thoughts in only several hundred characters. If you would like to catch the attention of a person browsing your website, you are supposed to mull over the way you can play to short attention spans of people. After all, the initial goal is to catch their attention, then maintain it and invite them to spend more time browsing your website.

One of the most promising ways to catch attention on your website is through animation.

This technique is to incorporate small, moving designs for your background images. This is often done on the top section of the website so that people can see moving images as soon as they land on your page. For instance, you can use moving icons for a few crucial elements on your website to draw attention to those icons.

When incorporating animation and micro interaction, pay attention to colour and contrast. Make sure that colours do not clash. Make use of natural colours such as blue, green and browns for the background. Reserve brighter colours such as yellow, orange, and red for highlighting moving images and interactions. For the reason that brighter colours are more accessible for the majority of people to see, they will make the moving images and interactions more apparent.

But, bet careful with over-animating, as this can be distracting.

Use animated designs that allow people to interact with those designs. This can cerate a more fun and enjoyable user experience.

Inspirational Illustrations

People would like to be inspired, particularly after the challenges of the past few years. You can use website design to inspire people either directly or indirectly. You can directly inspire by using simple, inspirational designs. For instance, an inspirational quote that connects to the topic of your landing page can be effective.

What better way to spread positivity than to say it?

Or, you can even try the indirect approach by selecting designs that show positive ad warm interactions. Such designs are comforting and welcoming and will help create a positive user experience. Remember to use uplifting bright and fun colours instead of darker ones that often convey sadness.

The goal is to inject more happiness and create a fun user experience that will leave people cheerful after visiting your website.

Simplicity & Modern Minimalism

If bold designs or loud colours are not suitable for your brand identity, you can always opt for modern minimalism when designing your website.

Do not assume that minimalist design is dull. On the contrary, minimalistic website design helps the majority of companies showcase their products or services more effectively. And, simple designs are often easier and less expensive to create.

You can achieve the perfect “modern minimalism” vibe by simple elements that align with your brand. For example, if you have a skincare business, incorporate natural elements like water or leaves, and a single blending colour in the background, to help create a relaxing feeling and make your product the central focus.

If you have a clothing brand, think carefully about the colours you use on your website. Loud, more vibrant colours are better geared towards a more casual feel. That is the reason you see companies use brighter reds, blues, and yellows in their clothing designs. Monochromatic colours typically reflect a more luxurious feel.

Minimalism makes your products and services the star and helps you stay on brand.

Customized Content

The internet has made everything more accessible, customizable, and readable. Your website design is supposed to reflect this as well.

For example, geolocation can help you to use different messaging for people who are geographically close to your business. In the same way, you can use a person’s browsing history on your website to better focus your messaging and offers depending on what they previously saw and read.

Popular e-commerce websites do this well. They vary the content based on what a customer needs, they search history, and their browsing behaviour. Social Q&A websites also do this well. A person can see answers to questions and threads associated with the topic they are researching.

Customized content creates a more personalized browsing experience. If you can provide people with what they are in search of, they are more likely to come back to your website.

If you have not redesigned your website in the last 3 to 4 years, this might be the perfect time to rebrand. And if you are working on a new website design, keep some of these trends in mind, but do not forget the ultimate goal, which is to create a fun, relaxing, and wonderful user experience for the ones who visit your website.

Focus on good design because good design is good business!

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