All About Boosting Website Traffic – A Detailed 2022 Guide To SEO Tips

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Every business wants to be on the 1st page of search engine results. It is a coveted place to be, which is why you will see service providers pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars for the 1st-page real estate on the internet.
If you are a digital marketer who can get any client of yours on the 1st page of Google, you can command any price. Unluckily, it is not that simple to make it take place, and many factors are supposed to be aligned for that to occur.
It is 2022, and search engine optimization is still one of the most powerful aspects in making a business rank high in the search engine result pages. From optimizing images to making your website mobile-first, there are a lot of things that you need to do without fail to be SEO-ready.

This blog looks at a few SEO tips for boosting traffic to your website in 2022.

User Experience

UX design is all about appealing to the emotions of website visitors. In short, it involves making people happy and influencing their behaviour positively.

The obvious question – how is SEO associated with UI/UX, though?

When a visitor lands on your website due to your SEO efforts, having a good user experience will drive them to stay longer on the website and ultimately take the next step, i.e., conversion.

Those familiar with your industry and your target customers will choose unique styles and wording to describe your products and services. This is where a combined UX – SEO strategy will work wonders. The UX designer has to ensure that the website’s flow and content are impeccably planned for the user. UX and SEO collectively work as a strategy when you keep finding improvements in it.

Featured Snippets

The short text snippets on top of Google’s search results are known as Featured Snippets. They are special due to where they appear in the search results. Any marketer worth their salt would want to have their content appear as a featured snippet.

The featured snippet could be in the form of definitions, tables, lists, or steps. Also referred to as “Position #0”, it is placed even above the number 1 result on Google’s search results.

For a website visitor, featured snippets are wonderful because they get a glimpse of the information without checking out all the other search results.

For the business whose website is featured, it will give them a lot of exposure, make them look credible – all of this without spending a single penny on advertisements.

Here is what you can do within your power to provide an opportunity to appear in the featured snippets.

  • Make use of a tool like SEMRush and Ahref to find out the featured snippets of your competitors
  • Know that the three major types of featured snippets are Paragraphs, Lists and Tables
  • Bring keywords into play that visitors search for the most
  • Answer the questions pertinent to your industry
  • Make use of headers, images and videos
  • Create an entire section of “how-to” guides and tutorials

Competitor Analysis

The reason behind conducting a competitor analysis is to reverse engineer the best things your competitors do in their search engine optimization strategy. It involves researching links, content, and keywords to see what is already working for them.

Find out your competitors for 10 – 20 of your most popular keywords. Track all of this and observe the websites that keep appearing for most keywords. They are your actual SEO competitors.

Identify valuable keywords that your competitors rank highly for but you do not. Find out where you rank for these keywords and analyze the way your competitors rank for them. In addition, discover your competitors’ top content and the techniques they use to distribute it.

Focus on use intent with the right targeted keywords

When you target keywords, the usual tendency is to go for the ones with the highest search volumes, but it is more important to understand the intent behind a search. Depending on the research, search intent can be segmented into two:

  • The ones looking to stumble on information relating to the keyword used
  • A user in search of more general information regarding a topic

A specific search will have a narrow intent and not look for anything else, while a general search will also have the user looking at other related topics.
By leveraging keyword intent for intent-driven marketing, businesses can drive more sales, attract more traffic, and generate more leads.

Constant Content Updation

When your website gets frequently updated, fresh content and new sources of information are available for search engines. Due to this, the web crawler of a search engine will discover and access the updated content. This will improve the indexability of your website, which states that you are in a position to achieve higher rankings with fresh content.

Every time you update your website with new content or regurgitate old content, search engines take note of this, and as a result, when you check Google rankings of your website, you would see a change in your website position.
Write content for the reader and not around your keywords. Add meta, title, and descriptions, but do not forget to sound natural.

Build Contextual Links

There was a time when backlinks were the go-to thing for SEO. Thankfully, things have changed, and Google has started placing more importance on contextual links. Links that are embedded within your content and point to contextual text and information are valued. It will provide you with more traffic, visibility, credibility and authority.

You can earn more contextual links by doing the following:

  1. Guest blogging, a powerful link-building strategy
  2. Getting links from high-authority websites that focus on your niche
  3. Attaining editorial links from well-respected magazines
  4. Getting your leadership team interviewed by relevant magazines
  5. Finding broken links on high-quality websites and replacing broken ones with your contextual links

Image Optimization

Pictures speak louder than words – it brings the text to life. This is why you need to add relevant images wherever possible when writing a blog post or any piece of content. The photos are supposed to add value to your content and make readers attracted to it.

The images used are supposed to be well optimized and used in the proper context. The file size, length, and breadth are supposed to be per the website’s design and layout.


If you want to take your business to the next level, search engine optimization will be a vital factor in making that happen. When you are looking at increasing the organic reach of your website, some of the above steps we have mentioned are good to start with. But once you have found a footing with your SEO results, you might want to dive deeper to maximize your business.

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