2 Proven Ways Storytelling Can Add Value To Your SEO Reports

SEO Reports

Monthly SEO reports are an essential component of any SEO strategy since they give an outlet to inform clients, explain ROI, and guide the conversions for upsells.

While SEO reports are vital in several ways, they are generally reduced to boilerplate PDF templates sent to clients each month with a generic message. If this portrays your method of SEO reporting, you’re missing out on critical prospects to maintain clients and upsell with circumspectly crafted storytelling tactics.

According to the professionals at Dwarika Web Solutions, SEO reporting has always been a vital component of our deliverables. Working with clients through our SEO agency in Toronto, we found that good reporting made a significant difference with trust-building and overall strategy. Irrespective of who you are working with – local businesses or national brands – we have found that solid SEO reporting helps ground the client relationship.

Over years, we have been capable of growing Dwarika Web Solutions to a leading service provider. Client service and results have always been our bread and butter, and SEO reports help us demonstrate how we stand out from the competition, and create long-term relationships with our clients.

So, let us take a quick look at the things all useful SEO reports should consist of, and the ways storytelling tactics can be utilized to build a relationship with the clients, prove the value of your strategies, and discover upsell opportunities today!

Organic Impressions, Clicks, and CTR

While SEO has a broad reach, you need to get the correct message to the correct set of the audience if you would like them to click through to your content and convert.

This is why a good SEO report should consist of high-level metrics such as organic impressions and clicks. Even though this information does not provide much insight into On-Page performance, however, it does offer a jumping-off point for you to talk to your client regarding variations in market trends and user behaviour.

We like to cover high-level data at the beginning of each reporting call to set the table for a more detailed discussion with clients. We have used this data to recommend extra work for clients and utilize these metrics to show YoY advancement and give a good reason for work during specific periods.

We present data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics to help our clients understand the ways we can influence the overall performance of their website. The following are a few points that we touch on depending on existing click and impressions:

  • What it means – Impressions = how frequently content emerges, clicks = how many times people click on SERPs.
  • Where to find it – Google Search Console
  • When to utilize it – Recognize content and build approach. Build sprints to deal with problem areas. Pages that are performing between 3 and 12 should be optimized, and low CTR should improve Meta, interlinking, and technical considerations.
  • How to optimize – High impressions + low clicks = update title and Meta description. Low impressions = add FAQ schema.

Even though clicks and impressions do no convey too much information regarding the performance of a website, however, you can utilize this part of the SEO report to ease into upsell opportunities and demonstrate the SEO chops when it comes to the broader scope of SEO marketing and the way everything is interconnected.

Add Local SEO Reports

Local SEO is a vital component of every SEO strategy to drive qualified leads and sales for local business owners. You can save a significant amount of time by utilizing several tools to keep NAP and listings consistent for the clients and you can utilize excellent local SEO reporting tools to demonstrate the results of the local SEO tactics.

Even though local SEO isn’t a wonderful fit for every client, you can open exceptional opportunities if you offer honest solutions to deal with their needs and present precise data to demonstrate the value of your efforts. The SEO experts at Dwarika Web Solutions always include local SEO metrics in the SEO reports when it makes sense, and point out the metrics that matter to business owners like driving directions, foot traffic, and phone calls.


Reports aren’t the key reason many SEOs started in this profession, but monthly SEO reports help us paint a picture of our clients’ SEO efforts. You will be capable of illustrating the value of your SEO services and keep clients longer if you know the ways to tell a story around each metric and tie results back to the agency.

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