Keyword Research Optimization – A 2021 SEO Guide

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All SEO experts at Dwarika Web Solutions know that carrying out keyword research is the very 1st step in crafting optimized content. You can stumble on hundreds of articles on the ways to carry out keyword research so there is nothing to go into crazy detail here. But sadly a lot of SMBs still refuse to carry out any sort of keyword research.

For new customers at our SEO company in Toronto, this is common who have never worked with an SEO pro earlier. But, alas, we also see a lack of keyword research for new customers who have worked with SEO experts earlier. If you overlook carrying out keyword research, you will fail to acquire any traction in the search results.

Here are a few thoughts on keyword research trends as we head into 2021:

Target 80% Evergreen Keywords; 20% Trending Keywords

Take the time to truly be aware of the evergreen content requirements of your target audience and niche market, and target evergreen keywords for that content. The objective is to have that content add value and solve the problems of the reader for many years into the future.

An instance from an internet marketing service provider: content writing tips, SEO fundamentals, etc.

With that said, you even need to pay attention to trending keywords, such as the most recent products available with your marketing.

An instance from an internet marketing service provider: the ways to optimize for voice search, predictive search, etc.

And if you abide by such trending keywords, and craft authoritative content early enough, a few may turn into evergreen keywords, and you will have a jump on the competition.

Create a Buyer Persona: Target Content & Keywords towards That Buyer Persona

Spend time to build out your buyer persona, and create a real fictional character such as SEO pro – John.

  • What would John be looking out for?
  • What keyword would attract him to convert into a paying customer?
  • What sort of calls to action (CTAs) will John engage with?
  • How about imagery?

Keep Away From Going Crazy Over Volume

When you are creating a steady flow of content, usually through a blog, keep away from going crazy over just targeting high-volume keywords. Based on the ROI (return on investment) on a product or service, the SEO specialists at Dwarika Web Solutions will target keywords as low as ten to twenty visitors per month.

We had a customer who sold yearly investing services with high guarantees worth around $5,000 annually. We targeted a few terms of around twenty search volume and sold eight of those annual services – $35,000 and all resigned through the following year.

Not bad for a low-volume keyword target!

Keep A Close Eye On Keyword Performance

At Dwarika Web Solutions, we track client keywords through SEMrush, and if something is not working as it should after around six weeks, our SEO experts analyze the content and all of our target keyword positioning. At times, a simple changeover of words in a title tag helps with rankings. Other times, it is a complete overhaul of the content itself.

This is the reason it comes out to be so vital to track improvement and frequently giving a face-lift to older content throughout the year.

Do Not Forget About the Associated Keywords

When we finish keyword research and have a target keyword that we will employ for a page, we will also provide a list of associated keywords for when we get to work. Associated keywords give you an idea about more relevance to the topic, which helps send stronger signals regarding the intention of the page for both search engines and readers.

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