Digital Marketing In Uncertain Times – How Do You Do It?

How do you do Digital Marketing In these days? There is a lot of anxiety, fear, and frustration going around. This is an extremely precarious time for businesses all across the globe since there simply is not a single right answer for how they should react to the situation.

So, when things get tense and impossible to predict like this, it is only natural to turtle up and try to weather the storm.

“Turtling up,” in a business sense, signifies pulling in on yourself and not exploring fresh prospects. It means cutting as many expenses as possible, including the marketing budget, and hoping that you can stick it out until something returns to normal on its own.

This definitely seems to be sensible on the surface, and, in a few scenarios, the regulations and orders of the local authorities may force you into this tactic. However, even if it looks secure – or predictable – it may not be the correct strategy at the moment.

To be clear: we aren’t advocating that any company overlook the health and safety measures that have been put in place. We are, however, going to recommend some tactics, options, and prospects that may prove more effectual than the typical turtle approach.

What should your Digital Marketing team do?

Now is the time to exercise some flexibility and adapt the marketing endeavours to deal with the current situation.

Now, obviously, we aren’t here to tell you how you should utilize the budget in such challenging times. However, we’re here to suggest that cutting out your marketing endeavours wholesale at this time could prove to be extremely unfavourable for your long-term business health.

SEO has always been a long game, and productivity through unnecessary cost-cutting measures conventionally just provides a short-term gain. So, the question we would like to pose is: when this challenging time is behind us, will you find yourself in a promising place within the industry or rebuilding your digital marketing base all over again?

Of course, that does not mean you should simply keep doing the same things you have always done. The times and trends are revolutionizing every day, and a wonderful part regarding digital marketing is the capability of pivoting and modifying strategies to keep up with them.

So, what can you do to keep the marketing on track during uncertain times?

  • Double Down on Content Marketing

People would like to know that somewhere out there things are continuing normally. They would like to hear about more than simply how the virus is affecting the world. Now, more than ever, clients and customers need connection points to their favourite companies. You can create such points of contact by offering the most helpful, fun, intriguing content you can.

As you shift the content marketing strategies to meet this demand, mull over utilizing different kinds of content and keep your messages empathetic and on-point. Newsletters, infographics, podcasts, presentations, eBooks, and videos, anything is valid right now.

This is even a wonderful time to look back at some of the previous content and find the most useful and popular pieces and consider ways to repurpose them and put them back into circulation.

  • Relationships Over Links

This may be an ideal time to switch away from traditional link building strategy. After all, approaching another website with the request for a link on their blog may not seem very sensitive – particularly if that website owner is presently struggling just to stay in business.

Their 1st priority is definitely not going to involve editing a year-old blog post to send some link authority your way. However, if you approach those same websites with the intent to build a relationship – as in, you would like to create a mutually beneficial association in which you can send real traffic or leads back and forth – then now is the time to really dive into that sort of “link building”.

  • Retool the Website

There is a good chance that your website is not really ready to contend with the current crisis. Now, this is not to say that you need to change the website to include a statement about the effects of the pandemic and what your business is doing about it.

However, this may be an ideal time to update the “About Us” page with pertinent information, or to add disclaimers to the “Contact Us” page regarding working with a smaller staff, or information on any service or product page that may be pertinent to people’s needs.

This is a wonderful time to go through the website and eliminate things that may not be suitable at this time or to bring those services or products to light that are in very high demand right now.

Getting Through This

As worried as you’re regarding your business, in this uncertain time, an essential thing you can do is steer clear of the “business is business” attitude and be as compassionate as possible to the needs of your customers and clients.

And while there’s no doubt that modifications in marketing strategies and budgets are predictable, we encourage every business to think strategically and not pull down an entire marketing strategy when a little precision pruning may be sufficient.

It can be hard to expect the time when the markets resume and start resembling normal activity, but if you continue to invest in yourself and your marketing efforts, you’ll have a better prospect of getting back on track and even outperforming the competition when it’s all over.

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