Tips To Design A Website To Generate Quality Leads

Your website has to be more than a digital placeholder and it has to be an essential tool to generate quality leads. To get the most out of your business website, make sure you get it created by a specialist for website Milton like Dwarika Web Solutions. The following steps are proven lead generation boosters that will not just boost conversions but even the authority and trust factor of your website.

  • Include testimonials and pictures for increased credibility

One of the best tools for marketing your business is testimonials, but adding rich media like audio or video or pictures can take it a step ahead. Whilst the versions of the rich media may be a lot bandwidth-heavy for lead generation websites, solid testimonials can have an influential impact and provide support to your offerings.

  • Incorporate contact number

A website having a phone number may appear counterintuitive, particularly if you sell a digital product. Adding your contact number is sure to augment consumer reliance and your business credibility. Although people do not really call, the availability of your contact number does bring them some comfort.

  • Create a micro landing page in the website

You simply have a few seconds to convince the audience to stick around and spend some quality time on your business website as the users these days have notoriously short attention spans. A micro landing page is a full-page popup that emerges in response to particular user behaviour like trying to click off your website or hovering over a block of text. Hiring an expert for web design in Canada to design a professional micro landing page is sure to boost conversion rates by 25%.

  • Describe your offers using the power of words

Making use of strong compellers and powerful action verbs like “have”, “feel”, and “get” can make a significant impact in contrast to making use of “imagine feeling” or “imagine having”. Making use of action-oriented words for your offerings positions the clients in a key role as the ones obtaining the benefits rather than just imagining them.

  • Use the live chat option in Website

Having an option for live chat plays a crucial role in generating leads and driving sales no matter what industry you are engaged in. it provides you with an opportunity to communicate openly with potential clients who may possibly otherwise be unenthusiastic or unable to call you. Simply think of office staff stuck in a meeting, commuters sitting on a bus, or anyone else who would rather type than talk.

  • Make it mobile-friendly

One of the best things you can do to your website to generate quality leads is to make it mobile-friendly. Your audience is looking for your business, services, or products on a wide range of devices, and your website has to be ready to be browser-friendly regardless of the device being used to navigate it. To make sure your website is mobile-friendly, it is always worth hiring services of experienced professionals for web design in Toronto.

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, when it comes to increasing lead generation, try implementing the aforementioned tips and you are sure to change your underperforming website in a powerful, trustworthy drive of new leads for your business.

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