Protect Your Business: Stop Making these Common Cybersecurity Mistakes


From social and shopping to banking and storage, there are several aspects of our lives that are carried out online on a daily basis. While conducting your affairs in this manner offers unparalleled convenience, it also increases your risk of exposure to cybercrime. One of the biggest vulnerabilities can be found in the common security mistakes made by users that make it easier for hackers to infiltrate systems and steal personal data. Fortunately, there are numerous precautions you can take to protect yourself from cybercrime that is not only simple but effective if you follow the advice correctly.

4 Common Cybersecurity Mistakes that Make a Hacker’s Job Easy

If you have made one of the following cybersecurity errors, you are not alone. While hackers are happy to take advantage, taking the time to recognize the security vulnerabilities they look for will help you prevent them from accessing your personal files and information. 

Here is a list of some of the most common mistakes users can make when it comes to online security: 

  • Using Weak Passwords: While it may be tempting to set your password using something easy to remember, like a child or pet’s name, this isn’t going to help you keep the hackers out. Alternatively, a strong password is one that contains both upper and lower case letters, along with a unique combination of numbers and symbols. The goal is to create a password so random that a modern computer is unable to crack the code. Also, for Cybersecurity avoid writing your passwords down and use programs such as a password manager instead. As an added layer of protection, take the few extra minutes to turn on two-factor authentication which requires an extra form of identification other than your login and password. Finally, if you think you’ve been involved in a data breach, change your password immediately.
  • Answering Questionable Emails: Be wary of emails that ask for personal data. This method, called “phishing”, is frequently used by hackers to gain access to your personal information. You may receive an email from what appears to be a legitimate company such as your bank or credit card company. If the email prompts you to act immediately, contains spelling and grammar mistakes or features suspicious links, do not send a reply or click on these links. Instead, call the institution that the email was allegedly sent by, to confirm its legitimacy or notify them of the issue. Additionally, only install applications that come from a well-known, trusted source.
  • Using Public Wi-Fi: While it has made it easier for society to connect online from outside the home, public Wi-Fi should never be used to access your personal data. Public networks are often unsecure and could even be set up as a trap. This is because hackers know that you will be looking for a network name that is similar to the place that you are visiting. Once you join, you may be giving a hacker free reign over your passwords and other sensitive information. If you need to access your credit card information or pay bills, do it from home where you know your connection is secure.
  • Delaying Software Updates: The longer you avoid installing necessary software updates, the more vulnerable you are to a cyber attack.  Even with the latest antivirus programs in place, security holes in popular programs such as Windows, Java and MS Office can give cybercriminals access to your system if they continue being used without being updated. It’s important to invest in the right antivirus and firewall software and learn how to use them properly so that you remain ahead of the hackers. 

If you are running a business, maintaining a solid online presence is crucial to your success. While it is important to create a beautifully designed website, it is also your responsibility to provide a positive user experience by ensuring Cybersecurity means the protection of customer data at all times. 

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