Competitor Keyword Analysis For A Promising SEO Campaign

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SEO Campaign is the same as any task in marketing, the best way to do competitor analysis is through a consistent and proven process. To analyze your competition and be in front of them, you do not need to reinvent the wheel, but you do require doing your due diligence. We break down the process of analyzing your competition into four main steps when analyzing keywords.

Even though you know the majority of your keyword competitors, there is a possibility that you could have missed a dark horse and may be surprised when thrown from the high organic positions.

Identify Your Competitors for SEO Campaign

The Organic Research Competitors report will bring together a complete inventory for you. This report will help to stumble on the entire big names and potentially a few new ups and coming competitors. To show how strongly a domain competes with each other, we use a parameter known as the Competition level. Competition Level is based on two things: the number of ranked keywords the competitor has, and what percentage of those keywords are your common keywords.

Pinpoint Their Strengths

Let us begin by studying the competitor’s fresh and enhanced keywords. You can find all this information in the Position changes report. Spikes on the graph will inform you regarding unexpected amendments in your competitors’ rankings. By clicking on a spike and arranging the results by position or using a filter, you will find out what keywords have gone through the majority of changes.

See How Your Keywords Stack Up in SEO Campaign

The subsequent step after learning what the competitors are doing is to take a close look at the gaps between the present keyword portfolios.  The Keyword Gap report allows you to put up to five websites side by side and can show you unique keywords that just a single competitor has, in addition to the entire strong and weak spots for every website.

Enter up to 5 competing websites in the report (including yours) to obtain the big-picture look at your niche. Once you get the entire list, you can simply apply any of the pre-set filters for quick insights. Choose your website in the “All keywords details for:” dropdown to modify the report to your website.

  • Shared– keywords where all of the entered competitors have a ranking (in the top 100).
  • Missing– keywords, where all of the entered competitors except for your selected site, have a ranking.
  • Weak– keywords where your site is ranking worse than your competitors.
  • Strong– keywords where your site is ranking higher than your competitors.
  • Unique– keywords where only your selected site has a ranking.
  • All keywords– The complete pool of keywords that these sites have rankings for.

Find Your Keyword Opportunities

Now, by applying advanced filters, stumble on the keywords that your competitor ranks higher than you, and create a list of those. These are keywords that call for your attention at the moment. Seek where the competitors are ranking in low positions in the SERP’s for pertinent keywords and plan to strike those rankings with your content. If they’re caught on the 2nd page you can always try to get the 1st and gain more visibility in the SERPs.

For rankings between 11 and 20, this can be performed using a position filter.

In theory, these are your “low-hanging fruit” prospects – since you already have some ranking for them, you may only require executing on-page SEO or improving some internal linking to give these pages a boost to compete.

Final Thoughts on SEO Campaign

With a lot of tools in hand, you have no reason but to begin analyzing the competition immediately! Your journey will take time, careful assistance that we are happy to provide you with, and ultimately your willpower to be successful.

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