4 Proven Tips To Apply To Your 2021 SEO Strategy

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2021 SEO Strategy is not always about trying to go for the most popular search terms and expecting to be capable of contending with the big fish right out of the gate. However, according to the specialists for SEO in Toronto – Dwarika Web Solutions – it is about being familiar with the audience and trying to deliver the content, information, and overall service they want or need. With that in mind, the following are a few tried and tested SEO tips that are simply as effective now in 2021 as they have always been.

  • Write for humans 1st and search engines 2nd

As you know, the Google algorithm is getting smarter by the day and, with the help of using constant human input, it continues to better align with our thinking. That being said, there is no clever loophole or magic formula to outsmart a search engine, so do not bother trying. Write for humans 1st and search engines 2nd.

At the end of the day, your priority should always be to provide the audience with what they are in search of, and that only comes through writing engaging and fundamentally naturalistic content. Any person can spot a keyword that has been shoehorned in and stuffing is even more blatant, so fit them in where it makes sense and allow driving keywords to promote your already informative and valuable content.

  • Focus on UX (User Experience)

There’s nothing worse than having to navigate a website that you can hardly use. In fact, after more than a few seconds of frustration, the majority of people do not bother and Google will struggle to make the best out of it as well. Things such as messy website structure, error pages, and dead links will all impact what people take away from the website.

Not only do users value effortless navigation and a good experience, but this flawlessness even helps the crawlers of Google scan the content and decide SERP ranking. Use headings and short, simple to read paragraphs, tidy up the sub-folders, and optimize for mobile. All of these things will help to decrease the bounce rate, progress the rankings, and generate better conversion overall.
So always focus on UX

  • Get rid of everything that impacts the speed of the website

Once again, it can’t be overstated how uncomplicated it is to get the technical stuff right in order for the website and particular content to speak for itself. No matter you are pointing somebody in the right direction, selling a product or service, or simply writing informative blogs, the website needs to be fast, easy to get to, and simple to use. These days, people look forward to instantaneous information and get results on the spot. If the website takes an age to load, they will simply move on.

There are a lot of ways you can get the website speed better and the overall smoothness of the user experience: delete old or obsolete plugins, clean up the code, optimize and compress the images, ensure that the sub-folders flow and make sense, and use tools such as GTmetrix or Google Page Speed Insights to continue monitoring in the future.

  • Bring targeted keywords into play in every right place

Although the motivation should always be humans 1st and search engines 2nd, the base of this entire process is keywords. Not only do they get to the heart of what visitors and Google are in search of by isolating common search terms, but SEO even drives 1000%+ more traffic as compared to organic social media, which itself dominates over ½ of all digital traffic. So, if keywords are at the heart of SEO, they should be at the heart of everything you do, as well.

However, once again, it is not about simply chucking them in left, right, and center. It all begins with keyword research. Use SEO tools such as Ahrefs, Google Ads, and even uncomplicated on-site bars to recognize broad search intent and your “seed” keywords. Then dig deeper to stumble on more long-tail variations, study competitors to hit upon keyword gaps, and do not forget to incorporate them in the metadata as well as the anchor text for the links.

Last but not least, keep in mind not to stuff the keywords. In order to keep away from upsetting the readability of the copy, make sure to fit the keywords naturally.

Lock in SEO success for 2021

This post just scratches the surface of what SEO is all about. It is a discipline that grows more complex and nuanced by the day, but by giving you some tried and tested tips that have stood the test of time in this field, you should be well prepared to deal with it no matter what 2021 throws at us.

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