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SEO is a dynamic industry. What worked a few weeks ago might not work again right now. Being the experts for SEO company in Mississauga, the professionals at Dwarika Web Solutions are familiar with the latest trends and emerging technologies, to keep up with the ever-changing demand of the industry. In this manner, we keep ourselves on top of the game and become more efficient in the business.

In this post, we will share with you three key emerging technologies in the SEO industry and the ways to apply them in your business for the most favourable results. If you would like to scale your SEO processes in 2021 and beyond, you should watch out for these technologies, and begin putting them into practice in your business right away.

NLG (Natural Language Generation) for short-form content

With NLG, SEOs can now turn out meaningful sentences and phrases identical to a natural language, but using technology.

In place of battling with writers’ block and spending hours thinking of what to write, NLG eliminates burden through automation. And if you are a content creator, this helps you concentrate only on polishing the content and making it read better.

While there are many use cases of NLG, at the present time, it is better used to write short-form content such as meeting memos, product descriptions, headlines, and so on.

Utilizing NLG as an SEO

There are numerous cases for NLG technologies. With a tool such as Copy.ai, you can create Meta descriptions, listicles, email subject lines, blog introductions, Facebook primary text, and landing page hero text, and a lot more.

If you were beginning a new brand as an SEO, you can use NLG tools and discover amazing taglines to use your brand.

NLP (Natural Language Processing)

In December 2019, Google formally rolled out the BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) algorithm update globally. This update brought NLP to the front, and it has been a technology to watch out for in the SEO industry since.

With NLP, Google can understand what a word in a sentence stands for by looking at its context.

This denotes that Google no longer depends on the particular phrases or words that users are searching for to deliver them the correct answers. Instead, they are looking at the intention behind each search.

Using NLP in the SEO processes

With NLP, information content is more vital than ever. However, optimizing for BERT is not something you can do as an SEO. Instead, you should concentrate on creating high-quality content that answers search queries precisely. When you do, you will definitely rank well.


TF*IDF expands as “Term Frequency times Inverse Document Frequency”. This measures the way you utilize a term on a specific page and the way it contrasts to a collection of pages for the particular keyword.

While TF*IDF might seem like a measurement of keyword density, it is essentially measuring how significant a keyword phrase is by comparing it to the frequency of that keyword in a large set of documents.

Even though it is not yet clear if Google utilizes TF*IDF in its algorithm, however, it is a good practice to incorporate it into your On-Page SEO strategy.

Before applying it, you need to create a piece of content targeting a specific keyword. Once that is done, plug the content into a TF*IDF tool.

Utilizing TF*IDF in the SEO process

With technology and some information regarding the keyword, TF*IDF tools typically suggest a few phrases you can add or take away from the pages. As an SEO Company in Mississauga, you can optimize the page depending on these suggestions to meet the required TF*IDF score for that keyword.

That way, you can figure out some phrases that are closely associated with the keyword you are writing about, but not available in the content. When you add such words and phrases to the content, it makes the blog topically germane and helps the page rank better in the SERPs.


As we look forward to the future of the SEO industry, new technology developments will definitely play a crucial role. Though a few of them are in use by now, however, others are still in the process of advancement.

Being the professionals for SEO company in Mississauga, we always keep an eye out for these emerging technologies and apply them to grow your business successfully. Do you want to explore how these technologies can help grow your business? Get in touch with the SEO specialists at Dwarika Web Solutions today. We are just a phone call away – 1(855) 561-4557!

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